Digital Identity is the final frontier for Governments

One ID to Rule Them All

Governments are used to registering users on many services on their websites, creating a multiple identity system not connected and redundant that usually frustrates the users by requesting always the same information for different procedures.

In 2011 we launched  the digital strategy for Buenos Aires City, a 4 year project that integrates more than 400 websites into a single

The final step was to create a Digital ID Provider for the City, that includes a Citizen Dashboard, a Single Sign-On service for the different applications and APIs integration with the different Applications / Databases of the Administration.

Being privacy one of our Administration’s main concerns, we worked together with Defensoria del Pueblo to draft the privacy policy for our Digital ID Service.

Today, users can create their account using a valid email account and providing just their name and gender. Any additional information requested is optional and can be modified. Users are also able to delete their account whenever they want to.


To achieve this goal, we must think and design an ID provider that could integrate with the existing User-ID in government (Tax-Website & eProcurement-website) and build an API framework to connect different government applications for requesting user’s information.

Our main goal is to create a new digital experience for our users by simplifying processes and avoiding requesting information that they have already uploaded.

Digital Citizen Identity Architecture

During 2013/2014 we had several meetings and discussions about developing an identity provider service.

We looked at what other governments were doing, especially Estonia, France andUK (GDS) initiatives for ID.

We chose OpenID Connect over other technologies because we wanted to use an open standard for our ID Service.



It is our authentication system for the citizens that grants access to many of the administration’s services with one ID.


This is the user’s dashboard that centralizes all information regarding the citizen, related to their services and necessary tools to get appointments at the hospitals, check for traffic tickets, municipal taxes among others.

API Gateway

This is the back-end that allows Mi BA to show all government related services. It collects all the different web services and standardizes them to show them on Mi BA.

Buenos Aires ID is available to residents and tourists. You too are invited to create your account and test our services:

Github repository: