Facebook is Evil

via http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2010/feb/08/google-facebook-traffic-threat

The proportion of traffic to US news media from Facebook tripled over the past year – while that of Google News stayed static. Is this the real threat to Google?

Heather Hopkins, North American analyst for Hitwise notes in a new blog post that “Facebook was the #4 source of visits to News and Media sites last week, after Google, Yahoo! and msn”, and that the proportion it sends to US media sites has grown dramatically from about 1.2% to 3.52% over the past year, while that sent by Google News has remained roughly static, at around 1.4%.

Meanwhile, bonus link: Spain’s Telefonica has got into the act, saying that Google, Bing and Yahoo are using its networks “without paying anything at all”. Es loco, si?

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